Our Mission Statement

Our mission, as is the mission of every follower of Christ, is to make disciples that make disciples. Specifically working with college students, and recognizing their global influence, our aim becomes to change lives that change the world.

Our Campus Directors

​Todd and Erin McClure


Located on the beautiful campus of the University of Charleston, our passion is to see Christ exalted among the students on this campus and in the community.  With more than 1,100 students enrolled in various degree programs, we not only have the opportunity to reach this campus, but also companies and government agencies where these students will one day be employed!  And one of the unique things that God is doing on this campus is that He is bringing several international students from all over the world to this campus, making it possible to do missions in our own backyard.

At UC, BCM stands for Because Christ Matters, welcoming students from all denominational backgrounds.  Our weekly meetings center on community and worship, while our Bible studies aim at taking students deeper into their relationships with Christ.  Student-leadership is essential on this campus as the students are the ones building relationships every day.  The size and the layout of this campus makes this an incredible platform for doing ministry.

Todd and Erin both graduated from Marshall University in May of 2011 and were married in July of the same year.  Todd works full-time as a systems analyst at TransCanada and Erin is now a stay-at-home mom.  They have one son, Jehiah, and a daughter, Abi.  Todd is also working on his MDiv through the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

They began leading BCM in January of 2012 and both have a passion for seeing students reached with the Gospel.  While in college, they were both actively involved in leadership with their respective college ministries and both have extensive experience with intercultural and international ministries.

Their roles on campus include helping to plan the weekly meetings, as well as leading Bible studies and discipling students.  They are only part-time, so most of this takes place in the evenings.

If you have any questions regarding BCM, or if you would like to contact either of them, you can do so by clicking on the "Contact" tab at the top of this page.